Ben Trainor

Composer, audio engineer, full stack web developer

Recent work


In the second grade, Ben Trainor began learning the guitar, and while learning classic rock riffs and pentatonic scales, he started composing his own ideas. And until high school, they only existed in his brain.

Later on he discovered Garage Band and soon Logic Pro, with which he began to record, mix, and master instrumental music while experimenting with piano, honing electric tones, arranging strings, and eventually singing.

His music has always taken influences from movies, anime, and video games, late romantic and 20th century composers, as well as late 2000s emo anthems, creating a unique sound that has become his solo project Paper Watch.

Now, he's an accomplished composer, having written for short films and theater productions, and is expanding his repertoire to video games, combining his software engineering background with interactive composition.